Photo Journal - Road trip Oct/Nov 2015

Freshly returned from the South-West I've had just enough time to dust myself off, somewhat unpack my camper, catch up on some much needed sleep and spend some needed down time with my boyfriend and dog.  What an amazing, exhausting, exciting, scary and inspiring trip!

Rather than go into all of the details, I'll share with you some of the highlights from the trip in pictures.  Each picture below has details, that when clicked on, will tell you a bit about the photo, where it was taken and when.  

I will be heading back down that way in March/April 2016 for some more shows throughout Texas.  I wonder what adventures that trip will hold?!

Before I start packing for that one, let me thank the great people I met along the way for providing such interesting conversations, helping me out in moments of need, inspiring me, educating me, and travelling with me.  

It was a great trip and I'm sure it will be remembered as a defining one in my career.

Oh, and if you are travelling to any of these cities and want to know of a good place to stay, something to see or a good place to eat, let me know and I'll see what I can do to help!