Touch down in the USA a success!

With touch down taking place on Wednesday, it was a quick turn around to get ready for the Stillwater Fall Colors Art Festival taking place on the weekend.  Thanks to the help from my wonderful boyfriend and my trusty Uhaul rental company, all was ready to rock and roll and set up by Friday afternoon.

The weather was beautiful and the scenery at the show was spectacular.  This time of year is great with the crisp mornings and evenings and warmer days.

While this is a smaller show with approximately 64 artists, the quality is great with a selection of photographers, potters, jewelry designers and visual artists.  Jazz music was played all weekend by local groups and helped compliment the laid back atmosphere.  

A few hours into the show I was given the most wonderful surprise - I was awarded 'Best in Show'!  This was a huge compliment!  I accepted the blue ribbon and award money with pride and still have the blue ribbon hanging in my studio now.  What a way to make my entry back into the US :)  

Now its time to get ready for Art Crawl taking place this Friday through Sunday!!  No rest for the wicked....