The I AM Series tells not just my story, but our collective story through the use of familiar imagery richly layered through each artwork.

Each of the 8 pieces explores a theme that has been pivotal in my journey as an artist.

As an artist, I felt challenged to continue to push the boundaries of technique, subject matter and provocation.  I was also keen to understand some of the driving forces that have had me arrive at this destination in my life in 2017.  I, like you and all the individuals who will view this series, are complex human beings.  Our lives and experiences have shaped who we are and what we do and what we stand for.  Our behaviour, values and beliefs have been influenced by our parents, our family culture, our friends and the world we live in and they continue to grow and develop every year. 

I hope you enjoy this insight into my life.  You will be taken on a sensual excursion around the playground of my mind and hopefully understand what has developed me as a person, and I AM as a new body of work.  Who am I?  I AM woman, Art, Imagination, Love, Brave, Erotic, Minnesotan and American.

I hope you can see yourself too, in more than one of these works.

To explore the artworks, interactive interfaces, timelapse videos and custom music please visit www.iam2017.net.


To find out where and when you can see the I Am Series contact Kristi or check out the Calendar of Events, or shop the online store now.