Kristi's work is absolutely unique.  Her artwork will allow you to make an everlasting statement about yourself or your subject.  Every artwork will be totally original, created as a mixed media collage and will incorporate an international collection of the finest papers available.

A unique commission piece can be inspired by an idea, a photograph, or even a particular paper.  Kristi will work with you to create a piece that will speak volumes and will last for years to come.

Please complete the form below and Kristi will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss your idea.

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How large would you like the finished artwork to be? For example 30" x 40" is a great size for a landscape. Kristi can work as small as 16"x16" and as large as 6'x6'.
Have you considered the budget? Commission projects can range anywhere from $100 - $10,000 and are normally influenced by size and detail.
What would be the best time for Kristi to contact you about this inquiry? And is phone or email best?