While generating much interest across the US with her body of work to date, Abbott is upping the ante with this series of work under the title "I Am".  Known for her iconic portraits, including her rendition of local legend Prince - that will adorn the front cover of a non-fiction novel being released in April 2017, this series will turn the artists gaze inward, focusing on Abbott's journey as an artist since arriving in the US from Australia four years ago.  With pieces included in the series titled "I Am Art", "I Am Woman" and "I Am Erotic", expect to see rich commentary of the social, political and cultural influences embedded within these highly evocative themes.  As is her signature, Abbott's use of thousands of images gathered through crowd sourcing, research and skullduggery, goes beyond any of her existing works to date.

With the help of local producer, Sunshine, UX Specialist, Ananda Bates, and a team of gastronomists, Abbott has created a unique 4-dimensional experience.  Each artwork will be paired with interactive maps, time-lapse videos, custom music sound tracks, and a delectable flavor sure to sensually immersed the viewer.

Launching the series in her stomping ground of Lowertown, St. Paul at The Show Gallery, Abbott then plans to take the series across the country throughout 2017.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to see the show first, here in the Twin Cities. 

What:  Kristi Abbott's 'I AM' Series

Date:  Grand Opening - March 31st 7pm-9pm
           Open to the public - Saturday and Sunday, April 1-2 - 11am-6pm

Venue:  The Show Gallery, 346 N. Sibley Street, St. Paul, MN 55101